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Sep 20th, 2021

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Shop Heroes Legends is a role-playing game with a touch of strategy, where players can take charge of a store specializing in all essential items for the typical medieval fantasy-world adventurers: warriors, priests, sorcerers, thieves, etc. Like this, your work will consist of making and selling the best weapons, armor and magical artifacts to the adventurers that come by your store in search of new equipment for their adventures.

As usual in this kind of game, you start the story with a small store and just one employee. However, as your sales increase and you earn money, you can improve your service by hiring new employees, upgrading the store space and producing a range of different objects. You will have to hire blacksmiths and carpenters, as well as other employees with more specific skills that will let you access magical equipment. This is the only way you can satisfy all the needs of the adventurers who visit you non-stop.

In the first game of the saga, the only thing you could do was run and manage your store. However, in this second installment, you can expand your area of influence to the entire city. So, you can build new buildings around your store to create a city specializing in attending to the region's best heroes and adventurers. You can even recruit your favorite adventurers so that they carry out missions for you. This is how you can get special rewards to be able to access new materials and particularly powerful artifacts.

Shop Heroes Legends is a fun and original game that has an approach that is somewhat reminiscent of the great indie Recettear. Although some of the game's aspects are very similar to the first game in the saga's, including the visuals, this sequel manages to provide a greater and better experience.
Reviewed by Victoria Borrás Translated by Eloise

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Sep 20th, 2021
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1.0.21 Jul 23th, 2021
1.0.20 Jul 14th, 2021
1.0.0 Jun 30th, 2021

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